• Studies in blue perchromic acid - Part I—Kinetics of the Decomposition of the blue perchromic acid in various organic media

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      Benzene; Toluene; Xylene; Sulphuric Acid; Potassium Dichromate

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      The decomposition kinetics of the blue perchromic acid was studied under various conditions. The decomposition reaction is monomolecular. The value of K at 10° is 0·002125, at 20° 0·005273 and at 30° 0·0171 to 0·02241. The values differ slightly with different preparations. The values of log K plotted against 1/T give straight line, showing that Arrhenius equation is valid. From the study of kinetics, we find that there is a marked induction period also.

      The rate of decomposition of the blue acid is markedly increased in the presence of benzene, toluene and xylene. When these hydrocarbons are present to the extent of 33 per cent. of the ethereal solution, the values of K increase 1·79 times with benzene, 2·57 times with toluene and 3·28 times with xylene, when the temperature maintained is 30°.

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      Satya Prakash1 Ram Chandra Rai1

      1. University of Allahabad, India
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