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      Aniline; Gossypol; Acetic Anhydride; Methyl Alcohol; Stannic Chloride

    • Abstract


      With excess of aniline, gossypol forms tetraanilino-gossypol which decomposes on heating for a long time at 110° or for a short period at 180°, the products being aniline and dianilinogossypol. The two anilino compounds resemble closely except for the fact that the tetraanilino-compound contains more nitrogen and evolves aniline long before its final decomposition point is reached. Acetylation and methylation yield only gossypol derivatives, aniline being removed; acetyl and methyl derivatives of the anilino compounds could not be obtained.

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      K Satyanarayana Murty1 T R Seshadri1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Andhra University, Waltair
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