• Chemical investigation of Indian fruits - Part III. A study of the characteristic crystalline components of certain citrus fruits (oranges of the circars)

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      Naringin; Hesperidin; Methyl Alcohol; Nobiletin; Invert Sugar

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      The important citrus fruits (oranges) of the Northern Circars belong to three species: (1)C. aurantium, (2)C. medica, (3)C. decumana. Their chemical compositions support their classification as the sweet, the sour and the bitter types. In the peels and rags of the first two types hesperidin is present whereas naringin occurs as the characteristic crystalline bitter principle of the varieties of thedecumana. From the peels ofKamala (C. aurantium) a new substance has been obtained by extraction with ligroin and named aurantin. It is a completely methylated compound of the type of tangeretin and nobiletin. Its properties and reactions along with those of nor-aurantin are described.

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      K C Patnayak1 S Rangaswami1 T R Seshadri1

      1. Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Andhra University, Waltair
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