• Low frequency Raman lines in organic crystals

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      Benzophenone; Diphenyl Ether; Raman Line; Organic Crystal; Rayleigh Line

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      The Raman spectra of the low frequency region between 20 and 130 cm.−1 have been recorded for fourteen organic solids and the influence of rise of temperature upto the melting point on these lines in a few cases has been investigated. These lines in the solids are interpreted as arising partly from translational and partly from rotational oscillations of the molecules with definite phase-relationship with each other in the lattice. Liquid salol exhibits a fairly intense wing near the Rayleigh line which does not appear in salol glass at liquid air temperature. This observation and other experimental facts such as extension of the wing, the distribution of intensity and the influence of temperature on it and the degree of depolarisation at different points in the wing and the corresponding lines in the solid do not support the hypothesis of Gross and Vuks that most of the wing in liquids arises from the lattice Raman lines and that the liquid state is quasi-crystalline in structure. A band observed in liquids, benzophenone, diphenyl ether and diphenyl in the place of a line above 100 cm.−1 in the solids is attributed to a deformational oscillation in the molecule itself, which seems to be characteristic of bicyclic compounds.

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