• The raman spectra of some inorganic compounds

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      Raman Spectrum; Molybdate; Bromate; Raman Line; Sodium Tungstate

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      The Raman spectra of telluric acid, and the chromate, molybdate, tungstate, periodate, bisulphate, chlorate, bromate, and azide ions are obtained. From these spectra, Te (OH)6 is shown to be octahedral, CrO4″, MoO4″, WO4″ and IO4′ ions as tetrahedral, ClO3′ and BrO3′ ions as pyramidal and N3 as linear and unsymmetrical, in structure. The splitting of the frequencies due to the removal of degeneracy by distortion of ions in the crystals, are observed in a few cases.

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      C S Venkateswaran1

      1. Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
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