• Lattice-theory of alkaline earth carbonates - Part II. Elasticity-Constants of Aragonite

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      Aragonite; Repulsive Force; Rote; Earth Carbonate; Isosceles Triangle

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      The elasticity-constantcjh consists of two partscih′e due to the electrostatic forces andcjhr due to the repulsive forces. Considering the crystal as built up of a system of parallel neutral planes, the electro-static part of the elasticity-constant in a direction perpendicular to the system of planes, can be determined by considering the action on any one of the system of planes, of a few of its adjoining planes on one of its sides.c11e andc22eπ are determined in this way. The nature of the repulsive forces is completely determined by the equilibrium condition and by comparison with the experimental value ofc11. The value ofc22rπ is then determined. The theoretical and experimental values ofc22π are found to agree well.

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      B Y Oke1

      1. Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
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