• Condition of sparingly soluble substances in gels - Part I. Silver chromate in gelatine

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      Colour Change; Supersaturation; Ionic Condition; Disperse Condition; Conductivity Water

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      Changes in the conductivity and colour of silver chromate in gelatine solution have been studied. It is observed that by suitable adjustment of the (i) temperature of the experiments, (ii) pH of gelatine, (iii) concentration of the reactants (AgNO3 and K2CrO4) and (iv) amount of gelatine, the conductivity may (a) not decrease at all till the colour remains yellow, (b) decrease sometime after the colour change or (c) not change at all in spite of the colour change.

      In the end we would like to mention that our preliminary experiments on the precipitation of lead iodide in agar have shown that the (a) temperature ture at which the experiments are carried out, (b) pH of agar, (c) amount of agar and (d) concentration of the reactants [Pb (NO3]2 and KI) have a very marked influence upon the times when the colour change and decrease in conductivity take place7 as in the case of precipitation of silver chromate in gelatine.

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      R R Khanolkar1 P M Barve1 B N Desai1

      1. Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Wilson College, Bombay
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