• A Ride to Exoplanets: Finding Potentially Habitable Worlds

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      Exoplanet, planetary science, Goldilocks zone, 51 Pegasi, super-Earth, Kepler, TRAPPIST, biosignature.

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      Cosmos has always sparked human curiosity to unveil and speculate its fascinating secrets. This curiosity has ultimately opened a window to other worlds. After years of observation, computation, and data analysis, scientists have revealed the diversity in exoplanets that have been helpful in the characterization and further investigation of biosignatures and technosignatures. This article presents some of the scientific advances made in extraterrestrial planetary science that guarantees to search through the thick clouds of the mysterious planets in the near future.

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      Simran Kaur1 Varinderjit Kaur1

      1. P G Department of Physics G S S D G S Khalsa College, Patiala, India.
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