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      rDNA technology, CRISPR, Cas, gene editing, spacers, genetic engineering, crop improvement.

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      CRISPR/Cas technology, among the other gene editing sys-tems like TALENs, ZFNs and homing endonucleases, is the preferred choice for genome modification in all types of organisms—frommicrobes, plants to animals—and has count-less applications in various disciplines as diverse as industries, basic research and medicines. In the recent past, this gene editing technology has been used for targeting multiple genes in various crops including Arabidopsis, rice, maize, soy-bean and tobacco for producing new varieties with improved traits like increased yield, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, improved food quality. The advantages of this technology over genetic engineering for producing elite plants (non-transgenics) will avoid the stringent regulatory tests and ethi-cal issues related to these plants being accepted by the public.

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