• Will Betelgeuse Explode?

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      $\alpha$ $Orionis$, Betelgeuse, Milky Way, supernova.

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      Since October 2019, Betelgeuse began to dim noticeably and by January 2020 its brightness had dropped by a factor of approximately 2.5, demoting it from the position of the top (apparent) brightest 11th star to the 21st! Astronomers were excited and thought of it as the lull before the storm, Betel-geuse was ready to go supernova!This article is aimed more as a case study where we show how this question was answered using scientific arguments and data. It will also highlight the importance of supernovae to human existence and give a brief discussion on the evolu-tion of massive stars.And also, answer the question!

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      Priya Hasan1

      1. Assistant Professor Dept. of Physics Maulana Azad National Urdu University Gachibowli Hyderabad 500 032.
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