• Deciphering the Gene Machine Face-to-Face With Professor Venki Ramakrishnan

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      The creation of quantum mechanics is one of the most dramatic developments in thephysics of the 20th century. After the period 1900–1924, during which the Law of BlackBody Radiation, wave particle duality for light and formatter, the general quantisation ofenergy and stability of matter and the laws of spectroscopy had begun to be understood,the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics was discovered amazingly rapidly injust under two years, 1925–1927. On the other hand, the physical interpretation andmeaning of this structure required an enormous effort, in which the uncertainty and complementarityprinciples, the Born probability interpretation and rule and the wave functioncollapse idea, all played important roles. While quantum mechanics has all alongbeen amazingly successful in numerous applications, many puzzling questions about interpretationremain and continue to be pursued till today, though the focus has shiftedfrom wave particle duality to entanglement and its signatures and consequences. This article gives an impressionistic account of these developments, accompanied by comments on the origins of human intuition and the meaning of human understanding of nature


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