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      Cellular immunity, T cell development, thymic hormones, thymic atrophy.

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      The immune system protects our bodies against infectionsand cancers. This review introduce readers to the thymus

      – a primary lymphoid organ – which is the site of developmentand maturation of functional T lymphocytes. Progenitorstem cells arise from the bone marrow and undergo sequentialdevelopment in the thymus where non-self-reactiveT cells are selected. Subsequently, post selection and maturation,the mature T cells exit the thymus as na¨ıve T cells intothe peripheral lymph nodes. Studies on the thymus are likelyto enhance our understanding of T cell development and reducedisease burdens by improving the cellular immune response.

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      Shamik Majumdar1 Sanomy Pathak1 Deepak Nandi1

      1. Department of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru 560 012, India.
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