• Allosteric Regulation of Proteins: A Historical Perspective on the Development of Concepts and Techniques

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      Proteins, allostery, regulation, enthalpy, entropy.

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      Allostery is a mechanism by which the activity of a large numberof proteins is regulated. It is manifested as a change inthe activity, either ligand binding or catalysis of one site of aprotein due to a ligand binding to another distinct site of theprotein. The allosteric effect is transduced by a change in thestructural properties of the protein. It has been traditionallyunderstood using either the concerted MWC (Monod,Wyman and Changeux) model, or the sequential KNF (Koshland,Nemethy and Filmer) model of structural changes. However,allostery is fundamentally a thermodynamic process andrequires an alteration in the enthalpy or entropy associatedwith the process.

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