• Fertilization in Flowering Plants: 2. Selection of the Male Partner is the Prerogative of the Maternal Parent

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      Homospecific and heterospecific pollen, pollen recognition, pollen screening and selection, pollenpistil interaction, pollen competition, self-incompatibility.

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      After the pollen grain reaches the stigma through outsourcedagents (pollinators), the next step before fertilization is to selectthe right type of pollen. Similar to a marriage in humanbeings, flowering plants also have evolved elaborate screeningprocess to select the right pollen grains and to reject thewrong ones. Even after initial screening for the right pollen,the pistil imposes a tough competition amongst them, comparableto a swayamvara of Indian mythology, to select the bestavailable pollen. Flowering plants have evolved into a matriarchalsociety. The selection of the male partner is totally theprerogative of the mother (pistil); the boy (pollen grain) andthe girl (ovule) has no say in this selection.

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