• Neutrino Oscillations: New Windows to the Particle World

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      Neutrino oscillations, standard model, super-kamiokande, sudbury neutrino observatory, solarneutrinos, muons, tau-neutrinos.

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      The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to two physicists-Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B McDonald, whose teams discoveredthat neutrinos, which come in three flavours, changefrom one flavour to another. This discovery is a major milestonein particle physics as it gives a clear evidence of physicsbeyond the Standard Model. Neutrino oscillation is a quantum mechanicalphenomenon whereby a neutrino created witha specific lepton flavour (electron, muon, or tau) can later bemeasured to have a different flavour. Historical developmentof the field in chronological order of experiments is brieflydescribed in this article.

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