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      Wormholes; Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet gravity; energy conditions; cosmology.

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      In the present paper, we investigate wormholes in 4D Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet (EGB) gravity without the requirement of exotic matters.We have taken the radial-dependent red-shift function φ= ln($\frac{r_0}{r + 1}$) and shape function b(r) =$\frac{r_0 ln(r+1)}{ln(r_0+1)}$ as well as anisotropic matter sources through the equation of state (EoS) pr (r ) = ωρ(r ). We examine the energy conditions, flaring-out condition, throat condition and anisotropic parameter. The volume integral quantifier is also analysed to validate the existence and stability of theWHsolution.We find that the negative branch wormhole solutions satisfy the null energy conditions (NEC) throughout the entire space–time and positive branch reduces exactly to Morris–Thorne of GR.

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      1. Department of Mathematics, Institute of Applied Sciences and Humanities,GLAUniversity,Mathura 281 406, India
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