• Viscous Ricci dark energy model with matter creation: Exact solution and observational tests

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      Holographic dark energy cosmology; bulk viscosity; matter creation.

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      In this paper, the dissipative mechanism (bulk viscosity and matter creation) is introduced to describe the effects of cosmic non-perfect fluid on the Ricci dark energy (RDE) model. We consider matter creation and bulk viscosity as two independent irreversible processes. Assuming suitable forms of the bulk viscous coefficient and matter creation rate, we find the exact solution of the field equations. We carry out fitting analysis on the cosmological parameters in the model by using Type Ia supernovae data, observational Hubble data and baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) data with cosmic microwave background. We plot the trajectory of cosmological parameters with the best-fit values of model parameters and discuss all possible (deceleration, acceleration and their transitions) evolutions of the model. The current values of deceleration parameter and equation of state parameter are found to be $q_0=-0.362$ and $\omega_{\mathrm{eff}} = -0.575$, respectively. The age of the Universe is found to be $t_0 \simeq 13.397$ Gyr, which is very close to the $\Lambda$CDM model. We further discuss the geometrical diagnostic parameters such as statefinder and $Om$ to distinguish the model with $\Lambda$CDM model. Finally, we discuss the behaviour of energy conditions for our model and find that the model satisfies the null energy condition (NEC), weak energy condition (WEC) and dominant energy condition (DEC) while it violates strong energy condition (SEC).

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  • Pramana – Journal of Physics | News

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