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      Spin-dependent transport; tunnelling magnetoresistance; fullerene-like alternate BN cages; nonequilibrium Green’s function

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      In this study, the effects of the type of the cage, the bias and gate voltages on spin transport properties of electrons in magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) of $B_{n}N_{n}(n = 12, 24)$ cages were investigated by theoretical methods. For a gate voltage $(V_{g})$ more than 0.5V, the device became electrically conductive at $V_{b} = 0.5 V$. The electric current increased linearly for bias voltages more than $|V_{b}|$ = 1 V at $V_{g}$ = 0.0 V. The maximum value of the tunnel magnetic resistance (TMR) ratio was $\sim 75%$ for $\rm{B_{12}N_{12}}$ and 60% for $\rm{B_{24}N_{24}}$ molecules. The maximum values of TMR against the bias voltage $(V_{b})$ were seen at 1.6V (−1.6V) for $\rm{B_{12}N_{12}}$ and 0.0V for $\rm{B_{24}N_{24}}$. At $V_{b}$ = 0.5 V, the TMR ratio was changed by varying the gate voltage. Finally, the spin transport properties of the $\rm{B_{12}N_{12}}$ cage were compared with those of the $\rm{B_{24}N_{24}}$ and $\rm{C_{60}}$ cages.

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      1. Ayatollah Amoli Branch, Islamic Azad University, 602 Amol, Iran
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  • Pramana – Journal of Physics | News

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