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      Perfect fluid; equation of state; cosmological solutions

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      Considering a homogeneous and isotropic Universe characterised by the Friedmann–Lemaître– Robertson–Walker line element, in this work, we have prescribed a general formalism for the cosmological solutions when the equation of state of the cosmic substance follows the general structure $\phi(p, \rho) = 0$, where $p$, $\rho$ are respectively the pressure and the energy density of the cosmic substance. Using the general formalism we recover some well-known solutions, namely, when the cosmic substance obeys the linear equation of state, a Chaplygin-type equation of state, or a nonlinear equation of state. Thus, the current work offers a new technique to solve the cosmological solutions without any prior relation between $p$ and $/rho$.

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      1. Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada
      2. Department of Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032, India
      3. Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032, India
      4. Department of Physical Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, Mohanpur 741 246, India
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