• Root mean square radii of heavy flavoured mesons in a quantum chromodynamics potential model

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    • Keywords


      Quantum chromodynamics; Dalgarno’s method; r.m.s. radius; charge radius.

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      We report the results of root mean square (r.m.s.) radii of heavy flavoured mesons in a QCD model with the potential $V (r) = −(4\alpha_{s}/3r) + br + c$. As the potential is not analytically solvable, we first obtain the results in the absence of confinement and Coulomb terms respectively. Confinement and Coulomb effects are then introduced successively in the approach using the Dalgarno’s method of perturbation. We explicitly consider the following two quantum mechanical aspects in the analysis: (a) The scale factor $c$ in the potential should not effect the wave function of the system even while applying the perturbation theory. (b) Choice of perturbative piece of the Hamiltonian (confinement or linear) should determine the effective radial separation between the quarks and antiquarks. The results are then compared with the available theoretical values of r.m.s. radii.

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