• Decay of heavy and superheavy nuclei

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      Alpha decay; fine structure; spontaneous fission.

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      We present here, an overview and progress of the theoretical works on the isomeric state 𝛼 decay, 𝛼 decay fine structure of even–even, even–odd, odd–even and odd–odd nuclei, a study on the feasibility of observing 𝛼 decay chains from the isotopes of the superheavy nuclei $Z = 115$ in the range $271 \leq A \leq 294$ and the isotopes of $Z = 117$ in the range $270 \leq A \leq 301$, within the Coulomb and proximity potential model for deformed nuclei (CPPMDN). The computed half-lives of the favoured and unfavoured 𝛼 decay of nuclei in the range $67 \leq Z \leq 91$ from both the ground state and isomeric state, are in good agreement with the experimental data and the standard deviation of half-life is found to be 0.44. From the 𝛼 fine structure studies done on various ranges of nuclei, it is evident that, for nearly all the transitions, the theoretical values show good match with the experimental values. This reveals that CPPMDN is successful in explaining the fine structure of even–even, even–odd, odd–even and odd–odd nuclei. Our studies on the 𝛼 decay of the superheavy nuclei ${}^{271−294}$115 and ${}^{270−301}$117 predict 4𝛼 chains consistently from ${}^{284,285,286}$115 nuclei and 5𝛼 chains and 3𝛼 chains consistently from ${}^{288−291}$117 and ${}^{292}$117, respectively. We thus hope that these studies on ${}^{284−286}$115 and ${}^{288−292}$117 will be a guide to future experiments.

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      K P Santhosh1

      1. School of Pure and Applied Physics, Kannur University, Swami Anandatheertha Campus, Payyanur 670 327, India
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