• Vibrational analysis of Fourier transform spectrum of the $A^{3} \Pi_{0} –X^{1} \sum^{+}$ and $B^{3} \Pi^{1} –X^{1} \sum^{+}$ transitions of indium monobromide

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      Fourier transform spectroscopy; vibrational analysis; isotope effect; Franck–Condon factor.

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      The emission spectrum of InBr molecule has been recorded in the region 350–400 nm on BOMEM DA8 Fourier transform spectrometer at an apodized resolution of 0.06 cm-1 using microwave excitation technique. About 61 violet degraded and single headed bands have been recorded and are classified into two band systems, viz. $A^{3} \Pi_{0} –X^{1} \sum^{+}$ and $B^{3} \Pi_{1} –X^{1} \sum^{+}$. A few new bands have been observed and are fitted in the vibrational schemes of the two systems. Revised vibrational constants have been determined. The vibrational assignments have been confirmed by observing isotope effect due to InBr81 in the 30 bands of the $A^{3} \Pi_{0} –X^{1} \sum^{+}$ system and 19 bands of the $B^{3} \Pi_{1} –X^{1} \sum^{+}$ system. The analysis is further supported by calculating the Franck–Condon factor for InBr79 and InBr81 molecules. The following vibrational constants (in cm-1) have been determined from the analysis:

      $$\begin{array}{llll}\text{A}^{3}\Pi_{0}-\text{X}^{1}\Sigma^{+} & \text{system} & v_{00}=26599.1 & \omega'_{\text{e}} = 226.42, \ \omega'_{\text{e}}x'_{\text{e}}=1.24\text{~cm}^{-1},\\ & & & \omega''_{\text{e}} = 221.19, \ \omega''_{\text{e}}x''_{\text{e}}=0.528\text{~cm}^{-1}.\\\text{B}^{3}\Pi_{1}-\text{X}^{1}\Sigma^{+} & \text{system} & v_{00}=27380.52 & \omega'_{\text{e}}=223.086, \ \omega'_{\text{e}}x'_{\text{e}}=1.446\text{~cm}^{-1},\\ & & & \omega''_{\text{e}}=221.19, \ \omega''_{\text{e}}x''_{\text{e}}=0.528\text{~cm}^{-1}. \end{array}$$

    • Author Affiliations


      Renu Singh1 K N Uttam1 M D Saksena2 M N Deo3

      1. Saha’s Spectroscopy Laboratory, Physics Department, Allahabad University, Allahabad 211 002, India
      2. A10, Basera, Deonar, Mumbai 400 088, India
      3. High Pressure Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai 400 085, India
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