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      Variational Monte Carlo; $\Lambda \Lambda$ hypernuclei; cluster model; Urbana-type simulated $\Lambda \Lambda$ potentials, $\alpha \alpha$ potential; $\Lambda \alpha$ potential.

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      The $\Lambda \Lambda$ binding energy ($B_{\Lambda \Lambda}$) of the s- and p-shell hypernuclei are calculated variationally in the cluster model and multidimensional integrations are performed using Monte Carlo. A variety of phenomenological 𝛬-core potentials consistent with the 𝛬-core energies and a wide range of simulated s-state $\Lambda \Lambda$ potentials are taken as input. The $B_{\Lambda \Lambda}$ of $_{\Lambda \Lambda}^{6}$He is explained and $_{\Lambda \Lambda}^{5}$He and $_{\Lambda \Lambda}^{5}$H are predicted to be particle stable in the $\Lambda \Lambda$-core model. The results for s-shell hypernuclei are in excellent agreement with those of non-VMC calculations. The $_{\Lambda\Lambda}^{10}$Be in $\Lambda \Lambda \alpha \alpha$ model is overbound for combinations of $\Lambda \Lambda$ and $\Lambda \alpha$ potentials. A phenomenological dispersive three-body force, $V_{\Lambda \alpha \alpha}$, consistent with the $B_{\Lambda}$ of $_{\Lambda}^{9}$Be in the $\Lambda \alpha \alpha$ model underbinds $_{\Lambda \Lambda}^{10}$Be. The incremental $\Delta B_{\Lambda \Lambda}$ values for the s- and p-shell cannot be reconciled, consistent with the finding of earlier analyses.

    • Author Affiliations


      Mohammad Shoeb1 2 Alemiye Mamo3 Amanuel Fessahatsion3

      1. Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh 202 002, India
      2. Centre for Theoretical Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 110 025, India
      3. Department of Physics, Addis Ababa University, P.O. Box 1176, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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