• A combination of Yang’s equations forSU(2) gauge fields and Charap’s equations for pion dynamics with exact solutions

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      Exact solutions; combined field equations; SU(2) gauge field; self duality; pion dynamics; chiral invariance

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      Two sets of nonlinear partial differential equations originating from two different physical situations have been combined and a new set of nonlinear partial differential equations has been formed wherefrom the previous two sets can be obtained as particular cases. One of the two sets of equations was obtained by Yang [1] while discussing the condition of self-duality ofSU(2) gauge fields on Euclidean four-dimensional space. The second one was reported by Charap [2] for the chiral invariant model of pion dynamics under tangential parametrization. Using the same type of ansatz in each case De and Ray [16] and Ray [7] obtained physical solutions of the two sets of equations. Here exact solutions of the combined set of equations with particular values of the coupling constants have been obtained for a similar ansatz. These solutions too are physical in nature.

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      Susanto Chakraborty1 Pranab Krishna Chanda1 2

      1. Central Drugs Laboratory, 3 Kyd Street, Calcutta - 700 016, India
      2. Govt. Teacher’s Training College, Malda - 732 101, India
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