• Schematic Harder–Narasimhan Stratification for Families of Principal Bundles and 𝛬-modules

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      Principal 𝐺-bundle; Harder–Narasimhan type; canonical reduction.

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      Let 𝐺 be a reductive algebraic group over a field 𝑘 of characteristic zero, let $X\to S$ be a smooth projective family of curves over 𝑘, and let 𝐸 be a principal 𝐺 bundle on 𝑋. The main result of this note is that for each Harder–Narasimhan type 𝜏 there exists a locally closed subscheme $S^\tau (E)$ of 𝑆 which satisfies the following universal property. If $f:T\to S$ is any base-change, then 𝑓 factors via $S^\tau (E)$ if and only if the pullback family $f^∗E$ admits a relative canonical reduction of Harder–Narasimhan type 𝜏. As a consequence, all principal bundles of a fixed Harder–Narasimhan type form an Artin stack. We also show the existence of a schematic Harder–Narasimhan stratification for flat families of pure sheaves of 𝛬-modules (in the sense of Simpson) in arbitrary dimensions and in mixed characteristic, generalizing the result for sheaves of $\mathcal{O}$-modules proved earlier by Nitsure. This again has the implication that 𝛬-modules of a fixed Harder–Narasimhan type form an Artin stack.

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      Sudarshan Gurjar1 Nitin Nitsure1

      1. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai 400 005, India
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