• Representability of Hom implies flatness

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      Flattening stratification; Q-sheaf; group-scheme; base change

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      LetX be a projective scheme over a noetherian base schemeS, and letF be a coherent sheaf onX. For any coherent sheaf ε onX, consider the set-valued contravariant functor Hom(ε,F)S-schemes, defined by Hom(ε,F) (T)= Hom(εT,FT) where εT andFT are the pull-backs of ε andF toXT =X xS T. A basic result of Grothendieck ([EGA], III 7.7.8, 7.7.9) says that ifF is flat over S then Komε,F) is representable for all ε.

      We prove the converse of the above, in fact, we show that ifL is a relatively ample line bundle onX over S such that the functor Hom(L-n,F) is representable for infinitely many positive integersn, thenF is flat overS. As a corollary, takingX =S, it follows that ifF is a coherent sheaf on S then the functorTH°(T, Ft) on the category ofS-schemes is representable if and only ifF is locally free onS. This answers a question posed by Angelo Vistoli.

      The techniques we use involve the proof of flattening stratification, together with the methods used in proving the author’s earlier result (see [N1]) that the automorphism group functor of a coherent sheaf onS is representable if and only if the sheaf is locally free.

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      Nitin Nitsure1

      1. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai - 400 005, India
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