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      Alloploid; autoploid; cytology; cytomixis; Rosaceae

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      Meiotic counts have been made on 16 woody species of the family Rosaceae from Indian forests. Of these,Photinia notoniana (n=17),Rubus gardnerianus (n=28) andSorbus foliolosa (2n=68) are counted for the first time. Besides, the Indian populations ofChaenomeles japonica (n=17),Cotoneaster acuminata andEriobotrya japonica (n=17) are also worked out for the first time. Intraspecific polyploid cytotypes are recorded inPyrus communis (2x, 3x) andRosa leschendultiana (2x, 4x). On the basis of chromosomal associations, the tetraploid cytotypes ofSorbus foliolosa appears to be alloploid in nature whereas the triploid ofPyrus communis show autoploid behaviour. Variation in chromosome number and some pollen sterility in pollen mother cells of meiotically normal diploid individuals ofCotoneaster acuminata (n=17),Prunus domestica ssp.insititia (n=8) andRosa leschenaultiana (n=7) seems to be due to chromatin transfer during cytomixis.

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      V K Singhal1 B S Gill1 M S Sidhu1

      1. Department of Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala - 147 002, India
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