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      Gentianaceae; embryology; Enicostema hyssopifolium ; Exacum saulieri

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      Embryology ofEnicostema hyssopifolium (Willd.) Verdoorn. andExacum saulieri L. has been investigated. Anther wall development is of the dicotyledonous type and at maturity consists of the epidermis, fibrous endothecium, 1–2 middle layers and the tapetum which is uniseriate with uninucleate cells. Connective tapetum is also differentiated. Pollen grains are triporate and 3-celled at anthesis. Pollen degeneration at various stages of development is common. The bicarpellary, syncarpous and unilocular ovary bears anatropous, unitegmic and tenuinucellate ovules on parietal placentae. Embryo sac development is of the polygonum type. Fertilisation is porogamous and the endosperm isab initio nuclear. Embryogeny is of the Solanad type.

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      K Lakshminarayana1 H Maheswari Devi1

      1. Department of Botany, Andhra University, Waltair - 530 003, India
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