• Development of male and female gametophytes and integument initiation inPrenanthes brunoniana Wall. (Compositae)

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      Prenanthes brunoniana ; gametophytes; integument initiation; Compositae

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      The development of gametophytes and initiation of integument are described inPrenanthes brunoniana. Anther wall layers consist of an epidermis, endothecium, a middle layer and tapetum. Endothecium develops fibrous thickenings. Tapetum is of secretary type. Cytokinesis in of simultaneous type. Pollen tetrads are tetrahedral and are shed at the 3-celled stage. Ovule is anatropous, unitegmic and tenuinucellate. Integumentary vascular supply is present. The cells of dermatogen, subdermatogen and inner core all take part in the integument formation. Embryo sac development is of the Polygonum type.

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      Sarvesh Kumar Sood1 Tejinder Singh Thakur1

      1. Department of Biosciences, Himachal Pradesh University, Simla - 171 005, India
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