• A contribution to the embryology ofAlysicarpus monilifer D.C.

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      Embryology; Alysicarpus

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      Embryology ofAlysicarpus monilifer D.C. is described. The anther wall comprises the epidermis, the fibrous endothecium, two middle layers and uniseriate glandular tapetum. Pollen is shed at the 2-celled stage. The ana-campylotropus ovule is crassinucellate and bitegmic. The archesporium in the ovule is hypodermal and cuts off a parietal cell. Embryo sac development conforms to the Polygonum type. Endosperm development is nuclear. A chalazal part of the endosperm remains free nuclear and is haustorial in function. Embryogeny conforms to Period I Megarchetype IV and Series B2. The embryogenic classification of the tribe is discussed in the light of the present observation and earlier reports.

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      V Seshavatharam1

      1. Department of Botany, Andhra University, Waltair - 530 003, India
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