• Intergeneric transfer of streptomycin-resistance marker between two blue-green algae

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      Intergeneric-cross; streptomycin-resistance; Anabaenadoliolum ; Anacystis nidulans ; genetic recombination

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      Intergeneric transfer of streptomycin-resistance marker from a unicellular blue-green algaAnacystis nidulans to a filamentous blue-green algaAnabaena doliolum was demonstrated. Mutants ofA. nidulans resistant to streptomycin, occurring spontaneously or mutagenically-induced could be isolated easily. Naturally occurring streptomycin-resistant mutants ofA. doliolum could not be detected. Attempts at isolating such mutants either in nitrogen-free medium or in nitrate containing medium were unsuccessful. However, a streptomycin-resistant strain (recombinant) ofA. doliolum could be isolated in a mixed culture of streptomycin-sensitiveA. doliolum and streptomycin-resistantA. nidulans.

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      H D Kumar1 M B Tyagi1

      1. Department of Botany, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - 221005
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