• Linkage groups inDrosophila pseudo-obscura. - With notes on homology and the nature of genic action

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      1. Snapt, tilt and sepia are three genes on the left arm of theX-chromosome. On the right are eosin, an allelomorph of white, and cuprous, an allele of yellow.

      2. Stubble, a dominant, and glass form the nucleus of the 3rd linkage group, and short4 and jaunty that of the 4th. Tangled, it is thought, belongs to the 5th.

      3. It is suggested that: (i) a portion of the left arm of the 3rd chromosome ofD. melanogaster is homologous in part or in whole with the 3rd autosome ofD. pseudo-obscura; (ii) the right arm ofmelanogaster 3rd is in part homologous with the left arm ofpseudo-obscura X, and (iii) the right arm ofmelanogaster 2nd is in part homologous withpseudo-obscura 4th.

      4. It is suggested that the apparently disproportionate effect of some genes affecting eye colour is in reality cumulative.

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      F. A. E. Crew1 Rowena Lamy1

      1. Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh, UK
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