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      Expired drug; Dual sensing; Dynamic quenching; Static quenching; Logic gate.

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      The photochemistry of an expired Alpha Lipoic Acid-based drug namely MEGO-XL (ML) wasinvestigated. ML showed its application in selective sensing of Fe3+ and Pb2+ avoiding any interference. Thelower detection limit values for Fe3+ (1.51 × 10-4 M) and Pb2+ (72.8 μM) suggested the sensitive nature ofML. The stability of the compound was examined under different environmental conditions. Further, theinteraction between ML and Fe3+, Pb2+ was studied with the help of Stern–Volmer plots, Benesi–Hildebrandrelation. Increased KSV values with increased temperature suggested that the nature of quenching was purelydynamic in the case of Fe3+ and decreased KSV values with increased temperature indicated that there mightbe an occurrence of static quenching in the case of Pb2+. Ethylenediaminetetra acetic acid (EDTA) was usedto differentiate the detection of Fe3+ from Pb2+.ML also showed application in sensing TiO2 nanoparticlesand in OR logic gate operations. These experimental outcomes hinted that the chosen expired drug ML can bereused for chemosensing and logic gate applications.

    • Graphical Abstract


      The dual-sensing nature [Fe(III) and Pb(II)] of ML is described through Intensity Vs Wavelength graphs. TiO2 sensing nature of ML is also described by KSV graph. The logic gate application of ML is pictorially represented with a truth table and bar graph.

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      1. Department of Studies in Physics, Karnatak University Dharwad, Dharwad, Karnataka 580003, India
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