• Polyoxometalate based hybrid compound as a pre-catalyst for electrocatalytic water reduction at neutral pH

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      Polyoxometalate; Hydrogen evolution reaction; Electrocatalyst; Water splitting.

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      Polyoxometalate (POM) supported metal complex has proved to be a suitable catalyst for waterreduction/oxidation in recent studies. To catalyze hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), we have employed aPOM-based inorganic-organic hybrid compound [CuII(2,2′-bpy)(H2O)2Cl][CuII(2,2′-bpy)(H2O)2Al(OH)6-Mo6O18].4H2O (1) with a spiral-chain-like structure consisting of Anderson type polyoxometalate,[Al(OH)6Mo6O18]3- onto which Cu-complex, [Cu(H2O)2(bpy)]2+ fragments are supported. This compoundacts as a pre-catalyst towards forming the active catalyst for catalyzing hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) bywater reduction in a neutral medium. The active catalyst derived from this compound 1 achieves a currentdensity of 1 mA/cm2 at an overpotential of 348 mV. The turnover frequency calculated for the active catalystis found to be 1.780 [mol H2 (mol Cu)-1s-1] with the Faradaic efficiency of 85%.

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      A unique electrochemical structural rearrangement under the electrochemical condition observed for a chain-like structured Cu-complex supported on Anderson type polyoxometalate,[CuII(2,2′-bpy)(H2O)2Cl][CuII(2,2′-bpy)(H2O)2Al(OH)6-Mo6O18].4H2O (1) resulting in the formation of the active catalyst for the electrochemical HER activity. The active catalyst achieves the current density of 1 mA/cm2 with an overpotential of 348 mV with faradic efficiency of 85% at neutral pH.

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      1. School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad 500 046, India
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