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      Palladium(II) complex; ONS donor azo–thioether ligand; X-ray structure; DNA binding study; DFT computation.

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      A palladium(II) complex, [Pd(L)Cl] (1) with a new ONS donor azo–thioether ligand (L) (where L = 2,4-dihydroxy-5-((2-(methylthio)phenyl)diazenyl)(phenyl)(phenyl)methanone) is successfully synthesized. The ligand and complex are thoroughly characterized by several spectroscopic techniques. The geometry ofthe complex is confirmed by single-crystal X-ray analysis. Electronic structure and spectral properties are interpreted by DFT and TDDFT calculations. The interaction of the complex with CT DNA was investigated by UV-vis method and binding constant is found to be 5.42 x 104 M-1. Competitive binding titration withethidium bromide (EB) by fluorescence titration method was carried out to understand the efficiency of the complex to displace EB from EB-DNA complex. From fluorescence titration Stern-Volmer dynamic quenching constants, Ksv was calculated and is found to be 4.15 x 104 M-1. Cyclic voltammogram of thecomplex exhibits significant shifting of the reduction couple to the negative potential region and decrease in current height in the presence of CT DNA

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      1. Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal 700 032, India
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