• Investigations on the effect of reaction parameters over Fe/Cu/K catalyst for the production of selective range of liquid hydrocarbon

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      Syngas; CO-hydrogenation; product selectivity; Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

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      Effect of reaction conditions were investigated for Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis process over Fe/Cu/K./SiO2 catalyst for maximization of a selective range of liquid hydrocarbon (C5−20). Operating conditions of the reaction have a strong impact on the activity and selectivity of the process. The parametersthat influence the FT synthesis reaction and product distribution include the reactor temperature, pressure,space velocity, the H2/CO molar ratio in the feed syngas and the catalyst. Experiments were performed at varying range of temperature, pressure, Space velocity and H2/CO molar ratio. Variation inC5+ selectivity and (olefin/paraffin) O/P ratio were observed and analyzed to select the optimum values. Reaction conditions affect the H2and CO surface coverage and re-adsorption of olefins which play a crucial role in altering overall product selectivity. Reaction rates for FT and water gas shift (WGS) reactions were compared at different conditions. At optimum conditions, CO conversion and C5+ selectivity were 45.9% and 77.4%, respectively.

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      1. Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 110016, India
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