• Nonpolar solvation dynamics for a nonpolar solute in room temperature ionic liquid: a nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation study

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      Solvation dynamics; nonpolar solvation; ionic liquid; molecular dynamics; linear response theory

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      Nonpolar solvation dynamics of a nonpolar diatomic solute in a roomtemperature ionic liquid (RTIL) has been followed via nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. Frank-Condon type excitation of the solute, previously in equilibrium inRTIL solvent, has been modelled by abruptly changing the Lennard-Jones(LJ) diameter of the solute atoms and thereby disrupting the equilibrium situation. The rearrangement of the RTIL solvent molecules,which has been seen to be mostly contributed by the solute’s first solvation shell, around the excited solute results overall spectral narrowing and biphasic decay of the solvation energy; a dominant and very rapid process having sub-100 fs relaxation time, followed by a slower one relaxing at a timescale of ∼5 ps. A mode-coupling theory based calculation is also used to obtain the nonpolar solvation relaxation function fora model nonpolar solute dissolved in model RTIL solvent. The theoretical relaxation decay is not in very good agreement with the simulated nonequilibrium solvation response function; the theory predicts the short timerelaxation component slower and the longtime component faster than those of the simulated nonequilibrium relaxation. We have also checked the validity of the linear response theory (LRT) for nonpolar solvation in RTIL by looking at the equilibrium solvation energy correlation in the RTIL solvent in presence of the ground state (GS) and the excited state (ES) solute. Apparent breakdown of the LRT in the present case elucidates the probable disagreement between the theoretical and simulated nonequilibrium nonpolar solvation responsefunctions

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      1. 19, Nischintapur Lane, Santipur, Nadia, West Bengal 741 404, India
      2. Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Patna, Bihar 801 103, India
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