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      Metal chalcogenides; copper sulphide; copper selenide; micro flowers.

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      A versatile methodology for the production of organic surfactant-free metal chalcogenide microparticles consisting of nano crystallites at room temperature in a short time is described. The reaction of various metal sources with LiBH4 in the presence of either S or Se yielded their corresponding CuS, Cu₂S, CdS and Cu₂-zSe microparticles. These micron size particles are aggregates of nano crystallites. The reactivity of LiBH4 and supersaturated condition helped in the formation nanocrystals. The first observation of metal source dependent morphology of particles produced under identical reaction condition is also discussed. The morphology of CuS particles obtained in these reactions was varying with the change of metal source used in the reaction. Interestingly, the reactions producing metal chalcogenide microparticles also yielded borane (BH₃) as a side product.

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