• Green synthetic route for perfumery compound (2-methoxyethyl) benzene using Li/MgO catalyst

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      2-Phenyl ethanol; (2-methoxyethyl)benzene; Li/MgO; perfumery compound; kinetics; solid base catalyst.

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      Ethers are one of the most prominent compounds among perfumery chemicals. (2-Methoxyethyl) benzene commonly known as phenyl ethyl methyl ether (PEME) is widely used in flavour and fragrance industries. Conventionally, synthesis of PEME involves the use of hazardous and polluting chemicals, whichin turn affects the purity of perfumery compound. Thus, developing a green route to synthesise PEME without any hazardous chemicals is desirable. In the current work, a new process is developed for the synthesis of PEME using solid base catalysts including MgO and Li/MgO (with different loadings of lithium) and dimethyl carbonate (DMC) as a methylating agent as well as a solvent. Different kinetic parameters were studied to achieve the optimum yield of the desired product. At optimum reaction conditions i.e., 1000 rpm of speed, 1.33×10−2 g/cm3 of catalyst loading, 1:10.5 mole ratio (2-Phenyl ethanol: DMC), 180 ◦C, 95% conversion of 2-phenyl ethanol with 98% selectivity of PEME was achieved. A detailed kinetic model was also developed andapparent activation energy for the reaction was calculated as 11.93 kcal/mol.

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