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      Copper alumina catalyst; heterogeneous catalyst; quinoxaline; oxidative coupling; O-phenylenediamines.

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      An efficient method for the synthesis of quinoxaline derivatives through oxidative coupling of o-phenylenediamines (OPD) with terminal alkynes by using copper-alumina (Cu-Al) catalyst was described. A series of Cu-Al catalysts with different mole ratios of Cu ²⁺ /Al ³⁺, 2:1 (Cu-Al-1), 2.5:1 (Cu-Al-2) and 3:1 (Cu-Al-3) were prepared by co-precipitation method followed by calcination and their activity was checked for the synthesis of quinoxaline derivatives. Cu-Al-2 showed excellent activity at 60 ◦C in presence ofK ₂CO ₃. The catalyst is inexpensive, recyclable and environmentally benign. The fresh and recycled catalysts were characterized by different analytical techniques. Different reaction parameters were optimized; catalyst screening, solvent, base and temperature. The protocol was extended towards different substrates.

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