• BINIVOX catalyst for hydrogen production from ethanol by low temperature steam reforming (LTSR)

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      BINIVOX catalyst; catalytic activity; phase transition; crystal structure; thermal analysis.

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      Nickel doped bismuth vanadate [Bi₄ (V₀. ₉₀Ni₀.₁₀) ₂ O₁₁ ₋ δ;BINIVOX] calcined at 800 ◦C (BINIVOX-800) catalyst is prepared by a solution combustion method. The catalytic activity study is carriedin the temperature range of 250–400 ◦C, and with the molar feed ratios of water: ethanol at 23:1 and 2.5:1. The study reveals an increase in the ethanol conversion and selectivity of carbon dioxide & hydrogen but a decreasein the selectivity of carbon monoxide and methane with an increase in temperature and water: ethanol mole ratio. Fresh and used catalysts are characterized using DTA, TGA, XRD and FTIR. XRD results reveal that thefresh catalyst is phase pure γ-BINIVOX. The phase purity and crystallinity of the catalyst is retained after 30 h of activity study.

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