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      Iron-sulfur carbonyl complexes; cyclic thioesters; C-S bond cleavage; reaction mechanism.

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      Three cyclic thioesters of the formula “−SCH ₂CH ₂SCO(CH ₂)n −” (L ₁, n = 0;L ₂,= 1,L ₃, n = 2) and their reactions with Fe ₃ (CO) ₁₂ are reported. All the reactions produced a known diiron complex, [Fe ₂ (μ-S ₂C ₂H ₄)(CO) ₆] (1), which suggested that in the reactions, cleavage of C-S bond to generate “SCH ₂CH ₂S” fragment is a common pathway for all the three ligands. In the case of ligand L ₂, a new complex 2, [Fe ₂{μ-SC ₂H ₄ (SCH ₂)- κ}(CO) ₆] was isolated and structurally characterized. In the reaction of ligand L ₃, an unknown iron carbonyl product was isolated in addition to complex 1. Although its precise structure was not established due to its instability and low yield, its infrared spectrum and decomposing into complex 1 impliedthat the product may be a cluster with higher nuclearity. The experimental observations suggested that with the increase of the ring size of the cyclic thioester ligands, further bond cleavages were involved in the reaction inaddition to that leading to complex 1.

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      1. College of Biological, Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Jiaxing University, Jiaxing 314001, China
      2. Department of Chemistry, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330031, China
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