• Two new supramolecular compounds induced by novel vinylpyridine cationic templates: synthesis, structures and enhanced photocatalytic properties

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      Vinylpyridine template; supramolecule; crystal structures; photocatalytic degradation.

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      Two novel complexes {(Pepy)[Cu ₂ (SCN) ₄]}n (1) and {(Pepy)[Cu ₂Br ₄]}n (2) [Pepy=1-2- (Pyridinium-1-yl)-1-ethenyl) pyridinium] based on vinylpyridinium organic cation and cuprous salts have been synthesized and characterized by X-ray diffractometry. Compound 1 has a 2D polypseudorotaxane structure and compound 2 presents a 1D chain structure. Furthermore, the thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA),UV–Vis diffusereflectance spectra, the morphology and the photocatalytic performances were studied carefully. Remarkably, both 1 and 2 exhibited good photocatalytic degradation abilities towards some dyes.

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