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      Betti reaction; cross-coupling reaction; oxidation; heterogeneous catalysis.

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      A novel tandem Betti/Ullmann/oxidation reaction was used for synthesis of new oxazepine derivatives containing kojic acid. This protocol includes a three-component Betti reaction of 2-naphthol, 2- haloanilines and kojic aldehyde followed by copper-mediated intramolecular Ullmann C-O coupling reactionand subsequently aerobic oxidation. This method provides a new and useful strategy for the construction of heterocycles. Also novel Betti bases based on kojic acid derivatives have been synthesized. In this regard, boric acid functionalized silica supported Fe₃O₄ nanoparticle have been designed, synthesized and used as a highly efficient, environmentally benign and recyclable heterogeneous magnetic nanocatalyst for the direct synthesis of desired Betti bases under solvent free conditions.

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