• Synthesis and evaluation of aromaticity and tautomerization of pyrazolopyridazin(on)es

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      NICS; FIPC-NICS; Keto-enol tautomer; bond order; LOL map.

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      Aromaticity of pyrazolopyridazin(on)es was investigated using NICS(0), NICS(1), NICSzz(1), FIPC-NICS and HOMA aromaticity indexes and it was observed that aromaticity of pyridazin(on)es was amenable to aromaticity of pyrazole and vice versa. Some tautomeric forms of pyridazinone were analyzedand the localized orbital locator maps, electron density maps, Fuzzy, Laplacian, and Mayer bond order methods showed dominant form. Different substituents, amine, chlorine, phenyl, methyl, hydrogen, substituted-phenyl, etc. on both the rings were chosen to search out the substituent effect. Aromaticity of pyrazolopyridazin(on)es was searched out in detail for the first time.

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