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      Polyoxometalates; inorganic nanocage; 3d porous framework; electrochemistry; electrocatalysis.

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      A new polyoxometalate-based 3D porous framework with inorganic molecular nanocage unit, (H₂dap)[K(H₂O)₂ (V₁₀O₂₈)₀.₅] (1) (dap = 1,2-diaminopropane), has been synthesized and characterized by routine methods. In 1, the decavanadate clusters, as twelve-dentate connectors, link eight potassium ions to form a 3D porous framework with inorganic molecular cage units. There are two dap ligand molecules occupying in each inorganic molecular cage. Furthermore, the electrochemical properties of 1 were studied, which indicate that 1 has a good electrocatalytic activity towards reduction of iodate (IO⁻ ₃ ) ascribed to the V-center.

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