• Hydrodechlorination of (CH₃)₃SiCHCl₂ over Pd, Ni, Co and Fe supported on AlF₃

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      Hydrodechlorination; chloroorganosilane; Aluminium Fluoride; dichloromethyl trimethylsilane.

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      Gas phase hydrodechlorination (HDC) process of Me ₃SiCHCl ₂ was studied in a flow reactor at 200◦C using a 2% metal loading (w/w) of four different monometallic catalysts (Pd/AlF ₃, Ni/AlF₃,Co/AlF ₃and Fe/AlF ₃). The catalysts were prepared by sol-gel method and structurally examined by BET method, FT-IR and XPS techniques. The XPS technique showed that NiII, FeIII and CoIII exist as oxides. The major products in the HDC process of Me ₃SiCHCl ₂ were identified by GC and GC-MS and found to include Me ₃SiCH ₂Cl, Me ₃SiCl, and Me4Si. The effect of these catalysts on the quantitative conversion, selectivity and conversionrates are reported.

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