• One-pot Reductive Amination of Carbonyl Compounds with NaBH₄-B(OSO₃H)₃/SiO₂ in Acetonitrile and in Solvent-free Condition

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      Reductive amination; boron trisulfunic acid; catalysis; NaBH& #8324; .

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      An efficient one-pot procedure for the direct reductive amination of aldehyde and ketones was achieved in the presence of sodium borohydride by using B(OSO₃H)₃/SiO₂(SBSA) as the reusable solid catalyst in acetonitrile and solvent-free conditions. Both aromatic and aliphatic aldehyde reacted well to give the corresponding amines in excellent yields. All the products are known and well-characterized. The catalyst is recoverable and could be easily recycled by filtration and reused several times without any significant loss of its activity. SBSA acts as a dual Brønsted/Lewis acid that is an air-stable and cost-effective solid acid.

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