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      o-Phthalic acid; Coordination polymer; X-ray Crystal structure; Copper(II); EPR; TGA.

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      Coordination polymer of Cu(II) bridged by o-phthalic acid alone is not known. The reaction of$CuCl_{2}.2H_{2}O$ with (2-butoxycarbonyl)benzoic acid yielded three dimensional coordination polymer bridged byo-phthalic acid. X-ray crystal structure shows structure with monoclinic P21/c space group. o-Phthalic acidmolecules act as bridge between two Cu(II), one carboxylate binds to one Cu(II) as bidentate while the othercarboxylate binds to another Cu(II) as monodentate. The four planar co-ordination positions of Cu(II) aresatisfied by two chelated carboxylates while fifth and sixth co-ordination positions are satisfied by monodentatecarboxylates. EPR and TGA of the coordination polymer are also reported.

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