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      Zinc; carbodiimides; amidinate; alkyl migration.

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      A one-pot reaction involving neosilyllithium and three different carbodiimides (RN=C=NR, R =cyclohexyl, isopropyl and tert-butyl) in diethyl ether, followed by the addition of anhydrous $ZnCl_{2}$, afforded,in high yield, corresponding homoleptic zinc amidinate complexes having the molecular formulae$[Zn{CyN=C(CH_{2}SiMe_{3})NCy}_{2}]$ (1),$[Zn^{{i}PrN=C(CH_{2}SiMe_{3})N^{i}Pr}_{2}]$ (2) and [Zn$^{{t}BuN=C(CH_{2}SiMe_{3})N^{t}Bu}_{2}]$ (3), respectively, and amidinato moieties in the zinc coordination sphere. Solid state structures of complexes1-3 are reported thereafter - all the three complexes are isostructural, and each of them consists of twofour-membered metallacycles.

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